Preparing for the Train

The train to Indiana is about a million bajillion times cheaper than flying into South Bend....and a gazillion times less annoying, because the security hassle is almost non-existent, you can stretch out in your seat...there are plugs for your computer.  It is joyful all around.  The only thing not so joyful (other than the fact they don't have a screaming-children-free car) is that it takes a good 13 hours to get there (and, you know, another 13 to get home).

That means I am packing all kinds of activities/wool to entertain myself.  I have the commissioned mittens that required me to roll up a ball of yarn....I do not have a ball winder, so I made The Boy act as a yarn swift (which I don't have either) for me.  He was proud to be of assistance at first:
 But grew bored quickly:

I'm also bringing The Sweater That Never Ends (someone told me it seemed "quite long" the other day....about 22 inches short of long enough, though):

It looks so harmless and un-boring in its bag...
Some purple yarn to make another Shroom hat for Christine.  I failed to make her a Christmas present yet, and thought I could make a hat to match the boring scarf I gave her last year.
Ah, yes, you my also recognize this yarn from the failed shrug/capelet from August.
 My hand-dyed yarn that I am making into hand warmers that are way too small for normal adult hands and will need to find a much smaller human to gift them to.
Mostly I feel like I have been working on these forever and just want them to be done!  If you look really carefully you can see the yarn for the Commissioned Mittens peaking out of the bag, too.

A TON of Cascade yarn for Julie's birthday legwarmers (I know you said you wanted them to be machine-washable, lady, but this yarn is just sooooo much nicer than something acrylic or super-wash....):
Hmm, this doesn't seem like very much, does it?
To scale?  It is almost the size of my head!
And my spinning that I don't think will work very well on the train but that I wanted to show my mom.  This should be enough for two train rides and four days in Indiana, right?