New Year's Resolution-ish Things

I usually don't make New Year's Resolutions (NYRs).  To me, they seem to fall in the same category as echinacea and leggings under a short shirt: it might work for some people, but are really not my thing.  However, this blog is testamnt to the fact that if I say something outloud then I darn well better do it so that people will stop hassligng me about the fact I haven't done it yet.  So here is a list of NYR-ish Type Thingies:
  • In the Knitting Category:  Learn to knit socks.  I mean, really...just do it already, right?  I have the right needles (thanks GNP!), the right yarn (thanks, coworker MJ!), and the right skills (seriously, if I can knit lace I can knit socks...right?!?!).  Just gotta do it.  (also see: what the heck is the Kitchener Stitch?!?!)
  • In the Haven't-Been-Out-of-the-Country-in-Four-Years-and-This-Won't-Even-Actually-Break-That-Streak Category:  Go to Puerto Rico.  I've always wanted to go (the reason being that I have always wanted to see a coqui frog in person) and just need to get my act together, get over my fear of planning a trip, and do it.  Puerto Rico is solidly NOT outside of the US (no, no freedom for this little island yet, folks), but the Spanish-speaking nature of the place almost makes it count, yea?
  • In the Healthy-Things-that-Some-People-Seem-to-Like-Doing-Category:  At the risk of sounding way too cliche even for a NYR, I really need to run slash do ANY amount of exercise.  I am not even going to kid myself and say how far I want to run but going to the gym more than once a month might actually make my membership worth it....
In the Category of Things that Aren't Really Resolutions:
  • Get into grad school.  Sooooo far beyond my control.  Just thought if all you law schools out there knew that I put it on my list you might show some pity and accept me at your school (no, Baylor don't count.  Despite your six glossy, non-recyclable mailings a week, I still choose NOT to apply to your school.  Stop being so clingy...).
  • Knit a sweater...obviously....I am pretty sure that this whole blog is about knitting a sweater from scratch and getting my doula certification.  Go ahead and put those down on my to-do list.
  • I would like to ski.  I no longer have a ski coat or ski pants apparently (over Christmas I used my mom's, friend's former foreign exchange student's snowboarding gear...yea...) so that might make it tough, but if I go on a REALLY sunny day and try REALLY hard not to fall, I might be ok, right?
  • I would also really like to write a knitting pattern and sell it, preferably to someone other than a certain former roommie who doesn't knit, but who would totally create a fake paypal account and buy a pattern under an assumed name just to make me feel good about myself....yes, lady, I'm on to you and your wily ways. 
That's enough resolution-ish thingies, right?  Totally doable.