Weekend Update: Thanksgiving

I have camnesia, aka I totally didn't bring a camera with me to Thanksgiving (or really anywhere I went this week), so I have little in the way of visuals but I will try.

I got out of work early on Wednesday and did some major knitting.  I made a birthday present of fingerless mitts (ack!  no picture but similar to these) and did some major blocking of a bunch of Christmas presents/random things I had laying around.
The red mittens need a home if anyone wants them...they are REALLY fuzzy and only the slightest bit/really different sized.  That doesn't matter, right?

I also finished the fingerless mitts for another Christmas present. 
I have a feeling that I just gave away a  surprise.  Sorry....

And hung my stockings (and the J from college) with care in the hallway.
I have a feeling that if I tried to put anything in these stockings they would fall right off the wall, but at least they're up there. 

And yes, I waited until the day after Thanksgiving before decorating for Christmas.  Totally allowed.  Anyone have a small Christmas tree I could borrow?  I would like to decorate it with balls of yarn and little tiny sweaters.

Fairly productive weekend, no?