Weekend Update: Rallies, Tricks, and Treats

There were a total of seven people sleeping at our house last week in addition to the usual four that live there.  To supplement that, a crowd of people (including my dad, my aunt, some Trumans and others) showed up for a post-Rally "happy hour"...and then stayed to make it a party.
My dad, aunt and me.  I look crazy, I know.  This was my partial Scary Spice costume.  It became slightly more scandalous when my relations were not around.
In addition to the Scary Spice costume, I was a couple of other things.  Vampire:
My mom sent me this...I was way more excited about that most others seemed to be.  
Friends with Johanna.

Forgive me, Devon????
Other things I did this weekend:
  • Saturday was Hug a Sheep Day. I failed to find a sheep to hug.  I almost dressed as a sheep for Halloween, but also couldn't figure out how to hug myself in a way that really counted.  Baaahhh....
  • Brunched with the laydeez.
  • Baked Halloween Cookies!!!
Can you find George W. Bush?  The cookie that the vampire bit?  The ugly ones that I made?  The pretty ones Johanna did?