Obsession a.k.a What You Are Getting For the Next Gift-Giving Occasion

I went on a knitting rampage a couple of weekends ago when I learned (well, remembered) that big needles + fat yarn = new woolens in record time.  Over the course of three days I made this:

The Mary Jane Slipper Pattern from the Holiday 2010 Knit Simple Magazine.  Yes, I am one of THOSE people that clandestinely buys crafting magazines on occasion.  What?  At least it isn't Martha Stewart Living.

And this:
Random 100% wool yarn that I got in a sale bin at Hobby Lobby.  Sigh....I miss you, Hobby Lobby...
And this:
Yes, they look the same as the first pair, but they are not.  Thank you Lion Brand for putting Bolero on sale.

Yea, slippers are reproducing like rabbits around here.  They better fit you all, because they can't stay here.