Macy's Display

I spent the vast majority of my weekend abusing my debit card.  Actually, that is such a lie...I got cardigans, t-shirts, underclothes, and jeans.  I realized that I hadn't bought new jeans in three years when I somehow managed to rip the belt loops off both the pairs I had gotten at a crap swap earlier this year...pantlessnes is not really an option.

In any case, I suffered through Christmas music at Macy's to have a run-in with some sexy Calvin Kline denim when I also came across this.

Amazing display, right?  Called "Knit Picks" it includes a knitted sweater, skirt, tights, fingerless mitts, knit covered star, a dress form covered in knit scarfs and balls and cones of yarn, and a pair of knitting needles.  I am planning a display in the corner of my room (and/or a Christmas tree) just like this.