Weekend Update: Apples of My Eye

What does that phrase mean anyway: apple of my eye?

Anyhoo...Apple Fest 2010.  Went to Larriland Farms this weekend with some lovely people to pick apples.  Got 10 pounds of apples (no, I don't think that is too many.  I had 20 pounds last year....) and a pumpkin.  And a jug of cider.  And some apple fritters and a cup of hot cider that were consumed immediately.

I made five of those pounds of apples into applesauce almost immediately (let me tell you how annoying that was without the apple peeler this year.  Ebeth: get yourself back to DC and make my life whole again).  The house smells of cinnamon and apples.

Also this weekend:

I went to Crafty Bastards, the Washington City Paper Craft Fair....oh yes I did!  I bought the most expensive skein of yarn I have ever owned from this lovely lady who is raising pygmy goats on a four-acre farm in MD.  I enjoyed her story (told in an extremely entertaining flat affect) and her yarn so much that I had to have some.

100 yards of sheep/goat wool, sparkles and other fun things.

I can't bring myself to ruin the perfectness of how the yarn looks by itself by knitting it into something.  Trying to decide whether it is appropriate to just wear the skein as a scarf.  Actually, that's a lie.  I wore it as a scarf to work today.
I call this self-portrait "Pale self in khaki cubicle with beautiful scarf"
It smells like sheep/goat which smells a little like hay which smells like a petting zoo.  So basically, I smell like a petting zoo today.  And I find it very comforting...