Tuesdays are (still supposed to be) for Weaving

As we all know, Tuesdays are for weaving around here.  I failed for a couple of (read: a month of) Tuesdays in a row there, but headed back last week to actually get working on my tweed sampler.  This thing is going to look uber ridiculo by the end because I am testing out different kinds of yarn and patterns and all the yarn is in different, garish colors.

Mom, I'm going to give this to you when it's done to hang up on the wall with the rest of your woman-made art.  You are welcome!!

Miss Maybelle has been out for the month tending to her daughter and brand new granddaughter.  I am relying on the generosity of my more experienced classmates to pull me out of hot water when I mess up.  So far the mess ups have only been twisting my edge warps on the right side (I think that fixed itself) and the fact that my piece doesn't look a thing like the other girls' who is working on a sampler (I think we warped the looms differently...I think I am ok).

In other news, Adam and Sean made me dinner after class.  I heart you two and your amazing cooking!

Squash, sweet potatoes, pork tenderloin, apple sauce, salad, beer bread.  YUM!!