Throwing Down the Gauntlets

So, gauntlets are real things.  Like, people wear them.  Like, real people who have never, ever in their life been knights in shining armor, or any kind of knight at all (shiny or otherwise).  Never, ever, did I think that I would so desire to wear gauntlets, let alone knit them, but then I saw this.  And then this.  And then I was like, hey, my hands get a little chilly when I type.  And wouldn't it be cool to still be able to dial my phone while wearing hand coverings this fall?  And now I am knitting this:
A top secret surprise Christmas present.  Does the yarn remind you of anything?

And this:
My first cable pattern (unless you count the failed caplet experiment...which I don't).  Another, less top secret present.

And this:
This is soon to be the same pattern as the above gauntlets, only elbow length.  My stop-freezing-my-hands-off-in-this-crazy-cold-weather gift to myself.

Gauntlets...not just for jousting.