Gauntlet's Gone Wrong

Folks!  There is a new knitting store in DC.  It's called Looped Yarn Works, and it is in Dupont Circle.  That's right, I have a yarn store dangerously close to where I live and work.  They have a Thursday knit-night that I hope to attend regularly.  And I may have been there (*cough*several times*cough*) already to check out their selection and (shamefacedly) buy some yard for a new project I am making called the EZ 100th Anniversary Camping Half Circle.  We all know mine is not going to turn out like the picture (and we all know it is going to take me a year to do...much bigger than the last piece of lace I knit and with much smaller yarn, too), but we can pretend, right?

In other news: FML.  I finished the gauntlets I was making my sister just in time for her birthday, but was that a chore or what!
My little sister Janey claims she loves them.  So did her roommate, so I might have to make another pair so there is no roommie jealousy going on out there
I actually ended up making the first one (with a couple of mistakes that I am trying hard to ignore despite my OCDishness since no one but an avid where's waldo player would notice the mistakes), making the second one, tinking** it back after making half of it because I did the cables wrong, reknitting the second one, realizing (after I had already cast off while working on the gauntlet in the car from Iowa back to Chicago last weekend) that I had knit the pattern COMPLETELY and utterly wrong, knitting a third one perfectly, and then tinking the second one backto make a pair of short gauntlets. 
Short gauntlets.  Mildly ugly in this picture, but much better when they are actually on the hands.  I gave them to my friend at work who comes from Las Vegas and has no cold weather gear. 
Realizing (again, after almost completely done) that it wasn't going to work, and then tinking it back it again and reknitting it again with slight alterations since I didn't have enough yarn.  Woah.  After all that I have a pair of long gauntlets and a pair of short ones. 

Long one.  You can see the cable detailing a little better.
Short one.  Same as the long one only with two repeats instead of four.  And no mistakes (despite the ripping out a bunch of times, I really only messed up on the first one I made)
And have memorized the pattern.  And hope to never make one of these thing ever again (that's a lie...with a memorized pattern, everyone is getting these for out).

**  "tink" is the word "knit" backwards. So when I "tink something back" that means I am knitting backwards, or unknitting.  Also known as "driving JoAnna absolutely bonkers."