BISIO Update: October

I had a bit of a posting issue last week, and the "Recent Knitting Projects" post looks like it went up on Monday instead of Wednesday.  If you missed it, please go back and read it 'cause I made some pretty stuff recently.

Grad School:  Folks, this sucks.  I mean, really.  I have letters of recommendation writers lined up.  I have accounts set up with LSAC (the online application center for law schools), SOPHAS (the online application center for schools of public health), and Columbia University (who spitefully refuses to be part of SOPHAS).  I have uploaded my resume, begun to enter information is all 12 separate applications I have to fill out (despite the common app that will supposedly make the process easier), and have written a pretty uninspiring personal statement that I now get to rewrite a thousand times.  Sigh...

Sheep to Sweater:  I am going to Iowa in a week for the annual Smith Family Picnic (more on that later, I promise).  Iowa, the land of farms and, in turn, farm animals.  I am convinced that I can find a kindly farmer who will let me hang out with their sheep for a while. However, the folks we are staying with informed my dad that they sheared their sheep in July (JULY?!?!?!), and that they probably don't need a new haircut for another year or so.  Pft! 

Additionally, knitting blogs that normally make me so happy have started to make me feel super insecure.  Rationally, I understand that very few people are into knitting as much as I am.  In the larger scheme of things, there are probably more blogs and experts on any other topic in the world than there are on knitting.  And knitting is a relatively young craft (compared to spinning and weaving that is.  Only about 1000 years old), and people are coming up with new ways of doing things all the time.  And yet, reading blogs and books and seeing the cool things that people have designed, I feel like everything in the knitting universe has already been said and done and accomplished.  Thank goodness I have other skills to fall back on, right?

Doula: One of the coordinators of the volunteer doula program that I am part of is leaving.  I am going to step up to help out as part of a three-woman team to keep the program in tip-top shape.

I have ideas....