Weekend Update: Labor Day Weekend

I wish I could say that me not writing for several days was because I was up to amazing things.  Like traveling the world, finishing (or even really starting) my grad school essays, or like, I dunno, even cleaning the house.  Nope, folks.  Labor Day weekend was a big laze fest that started with discovering Nip/Tuck and ended with Nip/Tuck completely taking over my life.  Let's forget for a moment that this show is exactly seven years old, and has already ended after 100 episode, and focus on the fact that it had 45 award nominations (meaning I am not totally crazy for falling in love with this show).  And let's also forget the fact that the first season has 13 episodes and I am already half way through season two (and that the only reason I stopped was because the serial rapist/face-disfigurer is now on the scene and scares the bejesus out of me).  Oops....

I would like to blame all this TV watching on the fact that I did NOT get called into a birth this weekend (I may have actually shed tears for not being able to attend a birth on LABOR Day weekend....sigh....) and that I spent much of my time with Sam The Cat (affectionately known by my friends as El Gato Diablo because of his role in giving me PTCD (post-terrifying cat disorder)) who I will be cat-sitting/living uncomfortably with for the next week and a half in a house without wireless internet.  What to do when there is no internet?  Watch TV, obviously.

I also went to the beach, but I suffered from camnesia (forgetting to use your camera even when you have it with you) and have no pictures.  So instead, enjoy this picture of what my current knitting project (look for Traveling Woman shawl on Ravelry) might look like when it is finished if I don't tear it to shreds and eat the annoying thing first.
Someone is getting this for Christmas, and they better appreciate my first attempt at lace after all this trouble (I am shaking it between my teeth like a rabid AU ninja squirrel right now).  Anyone wanna teach me how to block lace?
This is what mine looks like now.  It is purposely blurry (if by purposely, I mean my cell phone camera hates the fluorescent lighting in my cubicle) so you can't see all the mistakes I made and now have to "reverse knit."
No weaving this Tuesday.  Baseball (and tailgating???) with the co-workers instead.  I promise better posts/pictures later this week....