Knit Nerdiness

I ended up at a meeting at the (I assume is beautiful and right next to the metro) Shaw Library, and realized it had been years (four, to be exact) since I had checked out the knitting book selection at the nearest local library.  Here is what I found:

Books for the modern lady:
My mom doesn't really knit (did many of the "bra-burning" women of the 60s and 70s knit?  I would love to see the numbers on that)  So I guess anything I knit is different than my mama's knitting.

Books for the men:
I was prepared to be non-plussed by this book.  And I was (and still take major issue with their definition of "beginner." I've been knitting a while and I found some of their ideas a little challenging), until The Boy expressed interest in a Aran sweater pattern in it.  I was so blown away by the fact that he knew what an Aran sweater was that I didn't even complain about the fact that he wanted ME to make it rather than learning how to do it himself.  P.S. That's not going to happen.

Books for Domiknitrixes????
I have zero to say about this one.

And if taking pictures of knitting books at a public library didn't demonstrate my high committment to nerdiness, I then preceeded to read a Stitchionary (a dictionary of different stitches...yup...) in public. 
Pizza, lemonade, public place, Vogue Stitchionary Volume I.

I let everyone assume I was a design major and that this was an assignment for was either that or the reality that I just read a stitch dictionary from front to back.  Sigh...