I'm Stitching, They're Pitching

Went to the Nationals Game instead of to weaving class.  I am always struck by the fact that there can be a team of what I would consider really good athletes who, together, create a team as questionable as the Nationals.  Last night was no exception (my dad texted me to gloat that the Mets won.  Surprise, surprise).

Because I care almost as much about sports as I do about beer, I obviously brought the Traveling Woman shawl with me to work on.  We were sitting in a lower section in the outfield.  There is a stadium employee guarding each lower section to make sure that no one without the appropriate ticket can steal one of the many open seats.  My co-workers and I sat together and started talking to the employee guarding our section.  When I pulled out my knitting and everyone started either teasing me or getting envious that I had thought bring extra entertainment, the Nationals Employee Who Shall Remain Nameless came over and told me that they "have a special room for people who want to do knitting or sewing durring the game...."

"...it's called the ladies' room."

He may have gotten the finger...oops....