Current Knitting Projects

I finished the travelling woman scarf...

I think I should have added more repeats so that it would be longer and wider, but I was so ready to be done with it, that I just followed the pattern, no questions asked.  I also realized that I really REALLY need to invest in some blocking wires (I would accept a set for Christmas, if anyone was wondering *winkwink*) so my lace doesn't look so crazy.

I am also still working on this baby sweater.

I am reasonably sure (like 99.99% sure) that I have carpal tunnel.  And I am unreasonably sure that it is because of this particular yarn.  Never mind that I have been knitting pretty solidly all summer.  And never mind that my job consist of typing on a keyboard all day (and then going home at night to text on my cell phone).  I am sure it is the knitting of this particular yarn that hurts my hands like you cannot believe (I don't know why this particular yarn...other acrylics don't hurt me this badly), so I am avoiding carpal tunnel by only doing a little at a time.

The other problem with this baby sweater: is just flatly the wrong size.  I am the queen of not checking my gauge and then regretting it later and this is no exception to that trend.  I am going to need a VERY small baby to model it.

In the name of protecting my hands (but really I was just hankering to wear this sweater this fall), I am making this shrug out of the most amazing yarn.
Lionbrand Speckled Shrug in Oak Tweed

It is just your basic worsted weight, but mysteriously has a lot of loft (meaning it is fluffy to the touch) when it is knitted up and also has lanolin in it, meaning that it doesn't dry your hands out like other wool can.

I heart it and hope I have some left over after finishing this project to make some manly scarves (or at least a hat) for some folks I know that could really use some manly knits.

I'm also obsessed with the long knit gloves that seem popular this year.  I saw a pair in Atlanta that were elbow length, fingerless and had cute little buckles on them.  Trying to decide whether to make a pair (which may take me forever and a day), or just break down and buy them and just make a matching scarf instead.  So many lovely knits this year.