Summer Knitting Projects

These are the projects that I have been working on this summer.

I was never good at making a fire at Girl Scout Camp.  This fire was much easier (and doesn't set the marshmallows on fire).

I made mittens.  Out of yarn I got in high school.  They are not for summer unless you like sweaty fingers.

This was supposed to be an elephant.  It obviously is not.  I gave it to a Lovely Friend who was happy enough to call it an anteater and accepted it as a birthday gift despite its horrific ugliness.

This is Hugs.  He is very smart (and pretty annoying about letting you know it as he studies his LSAT prep book).  I tried to bribe Jerba Mate to not move away by letting her adopt Hugs, but it didn't work.  She is now off to do amazing things in the midwest.

This is Poof the Magic Dragon.  Unlike his cousin Puff, he lives in a house, not down-by-the-sea.