I forgot to mention that I was also busy on a knitting project this weekend.  For non-knitters, the following is going to be pretty uninteresting.  I apologize.

I knit this capelet (there is some on-going debate among my friends about whether this should be pronounced cape-let or cap-let and whether a capelet is the same thing as a shrug.  I vote cap-let and "no.") out of some kind of Pattons yarn I got years ago.  At least, that is what it is supposed to look like.

Through some combination of using a smaller size needles (and thus needing to add repeats to make it longer), this being my first attempt to do cable knitting, and not being able to count to ten, mine looks pretty darn different.

Again, for non-knitters this won't make any sense, but here is my altered pattern.
Size 15 (I think?  Possibly 13) needles
Cast on 120
Round 1: P1, *K10, P2; repeat from *, end last rep with P1
Round 2: P1, *5/5 LC, P2, K10, P2; repeat from *, end last rep with P1
Round 3-10: Repeat Round 1
Round 11: P1, *K10, P2, 5/5 LC, P2; repeat from *, end last rep with P1
Round 12-19: Repeat Round 1
Round 20: *5/5 LC, P2, K10, P2; repeat from *
Round 19-24: Repeat Round 1
Round 25 (decrease round): *K2tog, K8, K2tog; repeat from *
Round 26:  knit
Round 27: *K10, 5/5 LC; repeat from *
Round 28-34 : knit
Round 35: *(K3, K2tog) twice, K10; repeat from *
Round 36: *5/5 LC, K8; repeat from *
Round 37 (Decrease round): *K1, K2tog; repeat from *

Folks, what I just realized is that while I meant to actually make this longer by adding a repeat between cable rows, taking out two rows every repeat actually made it the same length.  Except that I used smaller needles, making it actually shorter than the pattern called for when I meant to make it longer.

For non-knitters: Basically, I arsed it up...crap...

PS  I just visited the pattern online again and realized that they have made major changes to the pattern since I printed it.  So basically I screwed up something that was already screwed up....crap, crap, crap....