How Meta

"Screw this sheep!" I shouted. Much louder than I meant to, I realized as my roommates looked quizzically over at me from across the living room. I had interrupted our viewing of the NCIS marathon with my outburst and no one looked pleased.

"You are referring to your knitting?" asked one confused roommie. Seeing the concerned looks and raised eyebrows, I realized that I might have a little issue. I am supposed to be working on my doula certification. I am supposed to be writing grad school applications. I could be watering my garden or sewing a quilt. Planning for next year’s Vagina Monologues. Saving the world.

Instead I am knitting a sheep.

Not such a problem really, except that this sheep I am knitting is driving me bonkers.
This sheep (look for LoveEwe by Christine Wilkins on Ravelry) is giving me trouble. Each little bump is actually one stitch that you turn into five stiches, knit five times, purl five times, and then turn back into one stitch again. What you see in the picture is 18 rows...something that would normally take me MAYBE an hour to do. This has taken me several weeks on and off.